COLFUTURO Connect Live Virtual Fair

Your exclusive opportunity to speak directly with over 40 top ranked Universities from around the world.

The event to meet some of our partners, learn about our agreements and achieve your goal of studying overseas in 2022.

Dedicated to Colombian students, this online event will help you find your perfect university match and achieve your goal of studying overseas!

October 7


Colombia Time
3pm - 7pm

What happens at the live event?

Go Global

Meet universities and colleges in up to 15 countries.

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Attend live seminars and info sessions.

Live Conversations

Talk via chat, audio and video calls.

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Search from short courses up to postgraduate degrees.


  • Register for the free event - Discover opportunities offered only to Colombian COLFUTURO students.

  • Connect online - Talk privately with top ranked universities from around the world with an agreement with COLFUTURO. Get important information from national agencies: Austrade, Campus France, DAAD, EducationUSA.

  • Solidify your plans - Review your notes and follow up with your favourite institutions.

  • Apply for funding via COLFUTURO - Study overseas, build your career and follow your dreams!

Some of the top ranked COLFUTURO Universities you can speak privately with

What will you find at the event?

AUSTRALIAAustralian National University20% discount on the tuition fee for all COLFUTURO beneficiaries.
Curtin University25% discount on the tuition fee in master’s and doctoral programs for all COLFUTURO beneficiaries.
Macquarie UniversityA 50% discount on tuition for two students admitted to the Master by Coursework in Engineering and Technology, as well as to programs in the Social Sciences, Humanities, Human Sciences and Natural Sciences. Other COLFUTURO recipients will receive a 10% discount on these programs.
Monash University15% discount for all COLFUTURO beneficiaries admitted to the university.
Queensland University of Technology100% scholarship for 5 doctoral recipients and 3 100% scholarships for research master’s degrees. 25% discount on tuition for students in postgraduate coursework.
The University of Adelaide20% discount on the annual value of tuition for COLFUTURO beneficiaries admitted to Masters by Research and Postgraduate Coursework (up to 2 years). Those admitted to doctorates may receive the benefit for up to 4 years.
UTS (University of Sydney)Three full scholarships in the Masters by Research program and five full scholarships in doctoral programs. In addition, six 50% scholarships for COLFUTURO recipients pursuing the Masters by Coursework.
The University of Western Australia25% discount on tuition fees for COLFUTURO beneficiaries admitted to master’s and doctoral programs.
BELGIUMGhent UniversityA 50% discount on tuition fee for masters students and a 20% discount on the bench fee for doctoral students, applicable to those programs in the agreement.
CANADAUniversité du Québec et Institutes de le Université du QuébecCOLFUTURO recipients pursuing doctoral degrees at this university or the institutions covered by the agreement will pay the same tuition charged to Canadian students.
FRANCEAudencia Business SchoolDiscount from 30% to 50% for all COLFUTURO beneficiaries. The discount percentage varies according to the program to be taken.
EDHEC Business School30% discount on the tuition fee for the first two students who confirm their admission and 20% discount for all other COLFUTURO beneficiaries. This agreement applies exclusively to the one-year Master of Science and the two-year Master in Management. It does not apply to MBA programs.
Grenoble Ecole de Management€ 5,000 scholarship for all COLFUTURO beneficiaries admitted to the MBA program and two scholarships of 50% of the tuition cost for two students admitted to other master’s programs.
ITALYIstituto Marangoni, NABA y Domus Academy10% discount on the tuition fee for COLFUTURO beneficiaries admitted to master’s programs at Domus Academy and NABA (Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti Milano). Additionally, a 50% discount is granted to two students, one from each institution.
NETHERLANDSEIT Inno Energy€ 5,000 for beneficiaries of specific programs
University of TwenteA 25% discount on tuition for all COLFUTURO recipients.
Wageningen UniversityA EUR 9,500 tuition scholarship for one year for eight COLFUTURO recipients who can demonstrate financial need
NEW ZEALANDMassey UniversityFor 3 COLFUTURO beneficiaries with admission conditional on the language requirement in the university’s master’s and doctoral programs, a scholarship of 100% in the value of tuition to take an English course of the MASSEY Foundation Certificate in Advanced Academic English for 16 weeks.
SPAINInstituto de Empresa SL20% discount on the tuition fee for 3 COLFUTURO beneficiaries admitted to selected programs of the Business School. The beneficiaries of the agreement will be chosen by IE.
Universidad de Navarra35% scholarship for two students in the master’s programs listed in the agreement and two 50% scholarships for students in the doctoral program.
Universidad Politécnica de Madrid – UPM100% scholarship for three COLFUTURO beneficiaries
UPF – Barcelona School of ManagemenA 20% discount on tuition for five COLFUTURO recipients admitted to masters programs.
SWEDENJönköping UniversityIn negotiation.
UNITED KINGDOMQueen’s University Belfast50% discount on the tuition fee for a COLFUTURO beneficiary in a master’s program. 20% discount for all other students.
University of BristolA full tuition scholarship for one COLFUTURO recipient in a masters program, and an additional 25% discount on tuition fees for all COLFUTURO recipients.
University of East AngliaA full tuition scholarship for one COLFUTURO recipient admitted to a postgraduate taught program and a 25% discount for all other recipients. In the case of research programs, the student receives a 20% discount.
University of GlasgowA 20% discount on tuition fees for all COLFUTURO recipients.
University of Newcastle Upon TyneThe university offers a 10% discount on tuition for all COLFUTURO recipients
University of SussexA full scholarship for one COLFUTURO recipient in a doctoral program, and a 20% tuition discount for masters and doctoral programs.
University of Warwick50% discount on tuition fees for all COLFUTURO beneficiaries in master’s programs in the departments of WBS (Warwick Business School) and WMG (Warwick Manufacturing Group). The University will also grant a 20% discount for all recipients of master’s degrees in other departments of the University and a 20% discount for doctoral students.
University of York25% discount on tuition fees for COLFUTURO beneficiaries, except for those in Hull-York Medical School programs.
UNITED STATESPurdue UniversityA Graduate Assistantship is granted for a maximum of 4 COLFUTURO beneficiaries admitted to the full-time MBA, in exchange, the beneficiaries must provide services in their disciplines according to the availability and hours required by the institution. The beneficiary will receive a stipend and a tuition discount equal to almost 50% of the total tuition value per year. The aid may be renewed depending on the academic results of the beneficiary. Gifted students may qualify for more financial aid from the institution.
Latin American Technical, Research and Administrative Leaders Program (LATeRAL) will grant a discount of more than 35% on the total cost of the tuition of its programs. The student will go from paying approximately US $ 97,000 to about US $ 66,000. This agreement is aimed at students conducting research in LATeRAL and includes other benefits that are detailed in the agreement.
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What does each university special offers and conditions does each university offer? How are they different? Which is the right fit for me?


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Do I need a visa? Where and when should I apply? What documentation will I need?

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Which courses offer internship opportunities? How will my studies help my career?